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No matter how large or small the business, every IT team has its own unique challenges. Take security off your list of challenges with enterprise-grade, best-in-class security tools.

The Problem

Keeping small to mid-sized businesses secure can be really tough; not only do they typically lack the awareness needed to know their true risk level, they hardly ever have the people-power needed to address their shortcomings.

But threats like malware, ransomware and targeted phishing campaigns can have a major negative impact on an SMB’s operations and overall bottom line. That’s why they partner with MSSPs -- to get access to the skills and personnel they are missing.

The Solution

Your SMB partners deserve access to best-in-class security tools. With Fortress, you can simply and seamlessly deliver the same level of protection typically only available to enterprises.

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What do you gain?
With Fortress, you can simplify, streamline, and optimize your organizational security posture. Fortress makes it easy for IT teams to ensure their data is continually protected from all types of malicious attacks and advanced threats with enterprise-grade tools.
The Benefits

Endpoint Protection

Fortress’ endpoint protection secures all devices against ransomware, malware, zero day, fileless attacks, and more
The endpoint threat surface has grown exponentially with the increase in WFH as well as the proliferation of mobile devices, IoT, and wireless infrastructure.

Email Protection

Fortress email protection blocks phishing, spoofing, malicious attachments, and other common threats. We scan all cloud storage and drives to ensure no malicious files are present.
Nowhere is it more apparent that people are the weakest link in cybersecurity than in email. Social engineering is threat actors’ greatest weapon, which makes it critical to secure email against phishing, spoofing, and malicious attachments.

Web Protection [Coming Soon]

Use Fortress to prevent access to restricted or phishing sites and stop download of malware or malicious files.
Most organizations have specific policies against unauthorized surfing. Even the most diligent of employees may follow the wrong breadcrumbs or simply make a typo in a URL and end up in a malware-infested site.

Backup [Coming Soon]

No matter how hardened a security system is, human error can render it vulnerable.
Even a single open port leads the way for cyber mischief – or one keystroke too many can accidentally delete crucial data. With complete backup and restore, vital information will never be lost.

VMDR [Coming Soon]

This is an essential compensation for the fact that IT personnel and DevSecOps are constantly doing more with less.
VMDR identifies misconfigurations and critical vulnerabilities on applications, operating systems, and other devices within the organization. IT personnel and DevSecOps don’t often have time to double check that all their configurations are correct.
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